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Bunjey Mach2 Platinum Luggage Suitcase Set

Bunjey Mach2 Platinum Collection Suitcases Lightweight & Luxury Luggage with Integrated Weighing Scales

£75.00 £765.00

Upgrade your luggage with this luxury collection of lightweight suitcases.

Available as a 3-piece or to buy individually, this set will get you off on your travels with no problems. The large and medium suitcases come with integrated scales, allowing you to easily and accurately weigh your luggage, saving you from paying those dreaded airport fees when your suitcase is overweight. The small cabin case has an aux port which you can use to connect your iPod/MP3 player, and a USB port, allowing you to charge your devices on the go.

Although lightweight, they are built from very strong, durable ABS plastic and have been tested thoroughly, so you can rest assured that your luggage will not get damaged whilst travelling. There are also TSA locks fixed onto the suitcases to securely fasten them, so your belongings will remain safe and undamaged.

Integrated Weighing Scales

With integrated weighing scales on the Large and Medium Suitcases it truly is the weigh to go!

overweight baggage charges

    With the Bunjey Mach2 Platinum self weighing suitcases you can ensure your next travel adventure is stress free.

    TSA Approved Combination Lock

    tsa approved combination travel lockKeep your belongings and travel essentials secure with the built in TSA Approved Combination lock. Perfectly designed into the side of the case and with a unique zip holder, all of your items are protected from people opening the case and sneaking items into it or stealing items out of it. If airport security are required to do a check on your hold baggage for any reason, you can rest assured that this combination lock especially designed to meet the requirements of the Transportation Security Administration will enable airport security to do so without damaging your precious smart suitcase or belongings.

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