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NEW Bunjey Intelligent Smart IR Infared Remote Control For iPhone, iPod, iPad - Bunjey

NEW Bunjey Intelligent Smart IR Infared Remote Control For iPhone, iPod, iPad




    • Bunjey Smart IR Remote Conrol's App can simulate all correspondence with the traditional infrared remote control simply search for your specific TV model and connect or use the smart TV finder to programme your TV to the App.
    • Conventional remote features include: Channel control, Volume control, Menu control and Source control exactly how a conventional remote works.
    • Built-in dual-core infrared emission module to control far more than one TV and devices such as Air conditioning units and LED infrared lighting products.
    • Equipped with a new super capacitors, no external battery,  unique product design and advanced processing technology, all the circuits are integrated in the IC unit in audio pin, it has the appearance of super-mini size all discreetly packed into a metal shell for ease of use.
    • Unique integrated rotary switch design, you can rotate closed when not in use, without the cumbersome plug housing.
    • Transmission mode: Infrared
    • Theoretical Coverage: Point linear distance 5-10M
    • Operating temperature range: -10 degrees to +60 degrees
    • Color: Gold

    How to use :

    1. Click "Appstore"
    2. Search "ZazaRemote"
    3. Click "Acquire"
    4. Click App Icon in the desk and Enter
    5. Insert the product into the headphone jack
    6. Rotate the Conroller until you can see Prompt interface
    7. Then click the remote control
    8. Select screen direction according to direction of the headphone jack
    9. In the Advanced Setup you can open the vibration to Prompt
    10. Back to the main interface. Click "Add a remot conrol"
    11. Choose "Electic type" and "Brand"
    12. Let Conroller point to electrial. Click the Button accroding to prompt
    13. After more test, select the results
    14. In the same way, Match a few basic button to bind the remote control
    15. Then enter the corresponding contol panel. You can control the electial by the button
    16. Add more electrial by the upper left corner button "Menu".

    Package includes :

    • 1 x  Plug Intelligent Mobile Smart IR Remote Control

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